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Download youtube videos as mp4 mozilla addon
Download youtube videos as mp4 mozilla addon

5 Best Mozilla Addons to Enhance Your Youtube Experience

YouTube currently tops as the most popular video sharing website on the internet hosting both music videos, user videos and a wide range of educational content ranging from tutorials and guides to promotional content.

As a YouTube user, it is important to get on top of your game and have the best experience while watching YouTube videos. Today we look at the best Mozilla addons to enable you have an enjoyable experience while watching YouTube videos.

This addons run on Mozilla Firefox for both mac and windows computers and range from high definition capability, search optimization, download tools and much more. Enjoy


1. YouTube High Definition

youtube hd mozilla addon
youtube hd mozilla addon

This is a powerful YouTube tool that will automatically enable you play all YouTube videos in high definition format.

This solves a common annoyance where YouTube does not choose a better resolution for your currently video even though there is one. The YouTube high definition addon automatically chooses the highest resolution for you, alternatively you can configure it to play 4k, 1080p and 720p high definitions video formats.

Install YouTube High Definition | Mozilla


2. Turn off the Lights

turn lights off mozilla youtube addon
turn lights off mozilla youtube addon


This is a handy Mozilla YouTube addons that lets you watch YouTube videos in cinema mode by darkening the entire screen and letting you focus exclusively on the currently playing video.

Other important features  of turn off lights include : eye protection option for night watching, keyboard shortcut support and youtube customization to support auto-play, auto HD and auto Wide.

Install Turn off Lights | Mozilla

3. Smart Video for YouTube

Smart video for YouTube helps better and improve your YouTube experience by providing you with important and necessary tools such as Smart buffer for slow connection, auto loop, buffer preference, quality selection and much more.

Smart Video works seamlessly with all embedded YouTube or HTML 5 videos and provides you with better control over YouTube buffering, quality and playing options.

Install Smart Video for YouTube | Mozilla


4. Download YouTube Videos as Mp4

Download youtube videos as mp4 mozilla addon
Download youtube videos as mp4 mozilla addon

This is a useful addon that helps you easily download YouTube videos right from the main site either as mp4 or flv. This Mozilla extension easily integrates with YouTube by adding a button below the current playing video.

Simply install the addon, play any YouTube video and you’ll notice a Download Button right below the video. For more information ,read my article on how to download YouTube videos easily.

Install YouTube as MP4 | Mozilla

5. Easy YouTube to Mp3

youtube to mp3 mozilla addon
youtube to mp3 mozilla addon

Just like Download YouTube as Mp4 extension does, the Easy YouTube to Mp3 Mozilla extension adds a mp3 download button to the current playing YouTube video to enable you easily convert and download YouTube videos as Mp3

Install Easy YouTube to MP3 | Mozilla



With these 5 highly rated addons, you will be able to take control and better your YouTube watching experience through the Mozilla Firefox browser. Now you will have the power in your hands to watch all YouTube videos as High definition, download as mp4 or simply convert the mp4 videos to mp3 and easily download.

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