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get rid of malware from yur computer
get rid of malware from yur computer

Best Software to Get Rid of Malware from your Computer

Have you ever experienced situations where your computer is running slow ? ,  do you ever get a lot of ads popping up on your screen or even better does your computer programs crush at times ? Then it (your computer ) might be infected with Malware and you should get rid of malware from your computer . But what is malware ?

You might be interested to know that malware is somewhat different from virus which is more complex and worse  , please see Best Free Antivirus Programs for your Windows Computer , to learn how to remove viruses from your computer.

Definition of Malware

Malware ( Malicious Software in full ) is a type of software used to disrupt normal computer operation in order to gather sensitive information or gain access to private computer systems. malware may appear in form of code , script, active content and other software.

The most common forms of malware that may affect your computer include ransomware, warms , trojans , rootkits, spyware, adware and keyloggers.

How Malware Gets into your Computer

Most malware programs are disguised in a clever manner as important pieces of software that the user may mistake as legitimate software. a good example is when you visit a website and it tricks you to install a given program to either scan your computer or speed up your internet.  Installing this type of software may cause you computer to be infected with malware.

Other pieces of software that may include malware include toolbars such as babylon toolbar, unverified browser extensions , pirated software , messenger extensions etc. it is an everyday thread hence it is very important to get rid of malware from your computer as soon as possible

Effects of Malware on your Computer

Malware has got diverse effects on your computer and ultimately your online privacy , its effects include:

  • unauthorised collection and transmission of your personal information to the server of the owners of the malware
  • greatly diminsh your computer performance and then offer you the option of buying a computer cleaning software
  • hijacking your browser and changing your homepage settings to one that is used for advertisement and redirection to harmful sites
  • serving you unwanted advertisements while your are surfing the internet
  • changing your browsers security  and privacy settings to make it easy for the malware to compromise your security

It is therefore very important that we install programs on our computer  to continually scan and  get rid of malware  while we go about our computing life without having to worry about them,  Today i therefore present to you the top rated free  software that you may use to scan and get rid of malware from your computer on a regular basis.

Tools To Get Rid of Malware from your Computer

1. Super AntiSpyware


This is the most popular malware removal tool used by millions of people to get rid of malware ,which is significantly light weight and promises to remove all spyware including the hard ones. This program features

  • Faster Scanning
  • quicker application startup
  • a greatly enhanced realtime protection engine and
  • Rapid definition updates

The software serves to Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware and Remove Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, HiJackers, Parasites, Rootkits, Rogue Security Products and many other types of threats and hence is a must have software for anyone who wants to be serious with his/her computer security.


2.SpyBot S&D

spybot S & D
spybot S & D

Spybot Search and Destroy another efficent software designed to provide round the clock protection against malware and rootkits infecting your computer system. Spybot S & D can be used to get rid of malware, repair the registry ,activeX objects, keyloggers and delete malicious browser cookies . Download it below


3.MalwareBytes Antimalware

malwarebytes antimalware
malwarebytes antimalware

This is a good lightweight alternative to Spybot S&D  with almost the same features if not better as the above two. Malwarebytes antimalware features include:

  • advanced malware detection and removal
  • a chameleon technology that gets malwarebytes running on infected systems
  • rapid response heuristic and databse updates
  • supports over 35 languages


4. Threatfire


Threatfire is a free computer  antimalware based security software which has the ability to block and rid off malware installation , strictly by identifying bad behaviour taking place on your computer.

The best notable feature of threatfire is its ability to protect against Zero-Day Attacks which are brand new virus files against which security tools have no known protection against. Theatfire does this by detecting bad behaviour with malicious intent. other features include:

  • Threatfire permanently and immediately removes threats from your computer
  • it has a rootkit scanner which seeks out deeply hidden files, objects and registry keys
  • a complemenary to your existing antivirus software program


5. Dr.Web CureIt

dr web cure it
dr web cure it

Dr. Web Cure it is an indespensable tool for scanning , detecting and getting rid of malware from your computer. Dr. Web Cureit works as a complimentary software in that it works along site your antivirus software to give you an added layer of protection. its features include:

  • portable hence does not require installation and works alongside your antivrus program
  • unsurpassed self defence mechanism and enhanced operation mode for neutrilization of windows blockers
  • updated atleast once an hour

DOWNLOAD Dr. Web CureIt Here


Above i have listed the top 5 best windows computer programs to get rid of malware from your computer , this will go a long way in enhancing your computer security as well as ehancing your private data online .

I highly recommend that you install atleast one of this malware removal tool on your computer to compliment your already installed antivirus program.

Thanks for reading and make sure you have a secure computer



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