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How to Easily win ALL your E bay Auction Bids in 2016

How to win all your E bay auctions

Found an Important Item on E bay Auction , you place a bid but do not end up winning ? And to make matters worse, you missed the item by a slight margin of below $10 and Below ?? Feels terrible Right !! Starting out on E bay Auctions, I also missed quite a lot of good things and most ...

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Top 5 Best Online Shopping Websites for Electronics in 2014

aztechnews.com - top 5 online shopping websites

  Are you looking forward to online electronics shopping in 2014 ? The number of users performing online shopping  has gradually increased over the years and in the same measure, so has the number of online commerce (e- commerce) websites. Knowing the best places or websites to shop online is essential because you not only get value for money but ...

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2014 Google Search Tips & Tricks: How to Search like a Pro Using Google

google homepage featuring olympic skating games

About 80% of users start Surfing the web by using the search engine Google to type the phrases of whoever information they want to search or look up information. Performing basic search using Google is one thing, but Performing search like a Pro is another new interesting world, which lets you find what you are looking for easily and in ...

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How to Easily Convert Web pages to PDF Online with PrintFriendly

pdf friendly homepage

Ever found an awesome piece of article across the web that you would like to easily Convert to PDF or print ? With PDF being the most popular format for people to read articles/books , We always look for ways to convert HTML/ web pages to PDF documents so we can read offline or share with friends. Not knowing how ...

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Tips of having a Strong Password that can’t be Easily Hacked

how strong is your pasword

Wondering if your password can easily be hacked , is it the right length , does it meet the minimum recommended qualifications for a good, strong password ? If this , and many other questions do stress you then you dont need to worry anymore because in this post, i will endavour to define to you what a strong password ...

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How to Easily Generate Cool Product Screenshots Online With PlaceIt

amazon product screenshot

Have you ever wondered how people generate product screenshots , on are you searching for a website/software to generate product screenshots for either your website, photo , blog or any other material you may have. If yes then keep reading because you are in the right place. As I was surfing the net, i stumbled upon a nice website  called ...

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How to Download Youtube Videos The Easy Way

youtube official website

If you have ever wanted to download youtube videos easily and have never found a lasting solution then do not have any more worries because today , courtasey of AzTechNews.com  Tips and Tricks, I am going to show you a new way of downloading videos the easy way using your only your mozilla firefox browser. This method is easy and ...

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How to Easily Measure your Internet Connection Speed

pingtest.net sreenshot for testing your internet speed

The most popular questions among any internet question is “How fast is your internet connection ? “ . Many people cannot quantify the speed of their internet connections and will only use phrases like “Very fast” , “normal” or “annoyingly slow”. Internet connection speed is a very important variable or factor to consider because the faster your internet connection , ...

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7 Most Important Computer Security Tips You should Follow

computer security tips

Why Computer Security Tips ? Aside from smartphones, Personal computers have become indespensable tools in our lives because we depend on them for a lot of activities such as surfing the internet, reading ebooks , organizing  personal data , our multimedia needs and much more.  With computer use increasing day by day, there is the ever growing threat of getting ...

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Learn How to Manage All your passwords With LastPass

Have you ever been in a position where you want to log in to a particular website and dont remember the password you initially used to signup for an account ? Well this are commmon challenges that we all face when browsing the internet because everyday thousands of websites are being created be it social media sites, music sites , ...

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