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Giveaway : Get a Free Copy of iOS Data Recovery Software from Leawo

free giveaway - leawo iso data recovery software

  Losing Data on any of your iOS devices, be it your iphone or ipad can be a painful experience. Not any more…… Exclusively on AZTechNews, we have partnered with LEAWO , a  computer making software company to offer our readers a FREE copy of one of their premium software Leawo iOS Data Recovery that enables you easily recover precious data from ...

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What Mac ? The Ultimate guide to choosing the Right Mac to Buy – Part 1

the apple imac , great for power work users and gamers

Planning to buy a Mac Computer? The selection and ultimate decision to buy a computer especially a Mac may be a lengthy tedious process because so many models currently exists while new ones are being released on an yearly basis. With this article, we explore the important questions and points to consider in order to make the right decision in ...

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Amazon Kindle Readers Applications for your Computer

kindle readers for your computer

kinde ebooks format is becoming the most popular ebook fromat on the planet ahead of pdf and epub ebooks format. the kindle is an ebook format developed by amazon and is multi-platform which means you can synchronise and read all your ebooks from any device easily and hassle free. In this post i intend to provide you with information on ...

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The Best Battery Care Tips for your Laptop Computer

laptop battery

The Battery on your laptop computer is a very important component since it determines the extent of portability of your laptop device or any other portable device for that matter. Having a defective battery will limit your outdoor computer use since the battery cannot hold charge for long hours as you would wish it to, thus the need to be ...

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