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pingtest.net sreenshot for testing your internet speed
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How to Easily Measure your Internet Connection Speed

The most popular questions among any internet question is “How fast is your internet connection ? “ . Many people cannot quantify the speed of their internet connections and will only use phrases like “Very fast” , “normal” or “annoyingly slow”.

Internet connection speed is a very important variable or factor to consider because the faster your internet connection , the fast web pages will load, the faster downloads will finish and most importantly you will cover more work within a short time as compared to a slow internet connection.

If you want to know the actual speed of your internet connection then you are at the right place. Your internet service provider may promise you glamorous internet speeds when you sign up for internet at your home or office , but is all the data you are give true ?

Well, luckily the internet has got great resources to help you measure the true speed of your internet connection and easily know wether you are getting value for money or not.

How Internet Connection Speeds are Measured

A good tool for measuring the speed of a given internet connection will measure the following variables

  • Ping Time : This is how long it takes for a website to receive a connection and thereafter reply
  • Upload Speed : How long it takes to upload a given piece of data from your computer  to the web
  • Download Speed :  How long it takes to download  a given piece of data  from the web to your computer

Tools For measuring your Internet Connection

Having researched the internet, i have come up with a list of the best tools that you can easily use to measure your internet connection speed and learn how fast or not fast it is.

1. Ookla Speedtest

ookla speedtest to test how fast your internet connection is
ookla speedtest screenshot

This website will measure the true speed of your internet connection. All you need to to is select the nearest recommended server and begin the test. Speedtest will measure both your ping time, download speeds and upload speeds and provides you with a nice visual result stating your isp , and the test results plus a overall score.

it is recommended you perform the test at various times of the day, in order to get an average score.

Visit Ookla Speedtest on the link provided below and learn how fast your internet connection is.

Ookla Speed Test

2. PingTest

pingtest.net sreenshot for testing your internet speed
ping test .net screenshot

Pingtest.net is also a product developed by Ookla Speedtest, that is used to determine the quality of your broadband connection  with a focus on streaming, voice, video communication and online gaming. These are important variables for internet users who extensively use the internet for activities such as watching videos, playing games and downloading.

Just click on Begin Test and pingtest.net will evaluate your internet connection and return with the true score of how well your internet connection will well handle extensive online activities.

Visit pingtest.net from the link provided below

PingTest Website

 3. Speedof.me

speedof.me a html 5 speed testing tool for your internet
speedof.me screenshot

This is a new entrant into the speedtesting services that uses HTML5 and is billed as the most smartest and most accurate online bandwidth speed test.

An advantage of speedof.me using HTML5 is that it can be used as a testing tool for your computer, tablet or phones , windows 8 and other mobile devices .  This is truly advantegous because you can measure the internet speeds on all your electronic devices.

Visit speedof.me below and measure your true broadband connection speed on any of your devices aside from your computer.

Speedof.me Website



Knowing the true speed of your broadband internet connection is important because you can now know if your internet service provider is giving you value for your money, how fast you can perform online tasks , and also how you internet speed compare with those of your friends who may be using different internet servivce providers. visit the above listed websites and learn your true internet connection speed.

Thankyou for reading and hope you found this article informative. please leave your thoughts in the comment box below and let me know what your thoughts.


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