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youtube official website
youtube official website

How to Download Youtube Videos The Easy Way

youtube official website
youtube official website

If you have ever wanted to download youtube videos easily and have never found a lasting solution then do not have any more worries because today , courtasey of AzTechNews.com  Tips and Tricks, I am going to show you a new way of downloading videos the easy way using your only your mozilla firefox browser.

This method is easy and free and it does not need any additional expensive software such as internet download manager or any other fancy program that promises you the ability to download youtube videos.

What You will need to Download Youtube Videos for Free

The folllowing is a list of items you will need installed on your computer or mozila browser if you have one,  in order to enable you download youtube videos, now and in future. These are:

The process of Downloading Youtube videos :

Having downloaded the above listed browser and addons, now you are ready to download youtube videos. just follow the below outlined steps:

1. Visit youtube.com and search/select the video you want to Download

2. Below the youtube video you should see a “Download “ button if you succesfuly installed the required addons above.

download button on how to download youtube videos easily
a screenshot of a youtube video showing the download buton

3. Click on the Download Button , choose and select  your preferred video format such as mp4, flv etc

select your download type
select your download type

4. The webpage will load and a new popup window will occur , asking you to save the video. Choose the DownloadThemall Option and the DownloadThemAll mozilla addon will automatically download your video.

download video with downloadthemall
download video with downloadthemall

5. Wait for the downloadthemall manager to finish downloading the youtube video

downloadthemall progress bar
downloadthemall progress bar

6. After downloading, head over to your downloads folder and you will find your youtube video has been succesfuly download. Rememer to use The vlc media player to play your videos easily . Enjoy


With this provided method , you can easily download your favourite youtube videos and save them on your computer for local viewing without the need to have an internet connection.

If you have tried this outlined method and found it working or if you have any thoughts , suggestions or problems then please let me know on the comments box below . Thankyou and enjoy downloading youtube videos

NB: This article is only for educational purposes, please dont use the information here in any malicious way. Enjoy


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