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How to win all your E bay auctions

How to Easily win ALL your E bay Auction Bids in 2016

How to win all your E bay auctions

Found an Important Item on E bay Auction , you place a bid but do not end up winning ? And to make matters worse, you missed the item by a slight margin of below $10 and Below ??

Feels terrible Right !! Starting out on E bay Auctions, I also missed quite a lot of good things and most of the time the items simply slipped out of my hands at the last 15 seconds even though i had been leading the bid for hours and sometimes days.

Feeling Frustrated, I researched on the best and sure way to win E Bay Bids with confidence and at a greater price long before the bid actually came to an end.

If you have tried winning most E bay actions and failed most of the time or had to pay a greater price so as to win then you need not worry any more.

In this post, I will provide you the Best, Sure Way of winning E bay Auctions Easily and at a Fair Price.

Introducing Gixen

Gixen is a Free eBay Auction Sniper Tool that can be used to easily win Ebay Auction bids through a Process known as Auction Sniping.

What is Auction Sniping ?

Wikipedia Defines Auction Sniping as:

“The practice in a timed online Auction of placing a bid likely to exceed the current bid likely to exceed the Current highest bid as late as possible—usually seconds before the end of the auction—giving other bidders no time to outbid the sniper.

While there are Pros and Cons of Auction sniping ,the Pros outweigh the Cons in that as a user you may be able to win Bids easily and at a fair price compared to normal unaided bidding. An additional benefit is that you can be able to withdraw your Bid anytime before the Auction ends as opposed to Manual Bidding.

Now to the Exact process of how to use Gixen to win Ebay Auctions from now henceforth…

How to use Gixen to Place and Win E bay Auctions

Step 1: Locate the item of interest by Visiting and browsing through E bay at www.ebay.com . Please note that the item should be listed as an auction item with a place bid button as below.

ebay auction item

Step 3: Copy the Ebay Item Number from the Item Page. It is located at the item descrption section of the Item listing as shown below.

ebay item number

Step 2: Visit the Gixen Website at www.gixen.com and log in using your E bay username and password. Your login is SSL protected so you need not worry . As a precaution, please keep your E bay and PayPal passwords to be different

Step 3: After logging in, enter the copied item number and the Maximum Bid Price you are willing to pay for the item as shown below. It is advisable to use Odd number bids e.g. $133, $156 etc as shown below and click on Add.

add new snipe and snipe listingStep 4: Wait for The Auction to end. Usually, Gixen will Automatically place your Bid within 15 seconds of the Auction Ending. This way it will be highly likely you will be able to win the Bid most of the time, actually Gixen has a 99.9% Accuracy record.


Using the Gixen Auction sniping tool, you are able to win More Auctions, at the right price and with minimal effort.

Try Gixen today and most importantly , shop for items on eBay through the link below

Shop on Ebay

Happy Bidding

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