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windows 8 shortcuts, top 35
windows 8 screenshot

Learn Windows 8: Top 35 Important Windows 8 Shortcuts

windows 8 shortcuts, top 35
windows 8 screenshot

Recently installed windows 8 and still cannot easily navigate through?

Microsoft’s recently introduced windows 8 has re-imagined the future of the windows operating system, with a Modern User interface, use of apps and improved power management.

If you have installed windows 8 in the recent few months then you can appreciate that learning how to use windows 8 is not that rosy, but luckily with time and patience you can easily master windows 8.

Today’s article is about the new windows 8 shortcuts, which will help you perform day-to-day tasks easily by just hitting a combination of keyboard key in order to get a particular task done.

Note: Some of these windows 8 shortcuts are applicable to windows 7.

35 Important windows 8 Shortcuts

These shortcuts are going to cover the following areas:

  • General Shortcuts
  • Accessibility Shortcuts
  • Desktop shortcuts
  • Charms Bar
  • Semantic Zoom

Lets get started, shall we…

Windows 8 General Shortcuts

  1. [Windows Logo Key]: Show Start Screen
  2. [Windows Logo Key] + D: Show Desktop
  3. Alt + Tab: Cycle between open apps
  4. [Windows logo key] + Tab: Show recently used apps
  5. [Windows logo key] + Z: Show apps Bar
  6. Alt + F4: Close Apps
  7. [Windows logo key] +,: Peek at the Desktop
  8. [Windows logo key] +. : Snap modern apps to the left of Desktop screen
  9. [Windows logo key] + L: lock the screen
  10. [Windows logo key] + O: Lock screen orientation
  11. Ctrl + Alt + Del: Show windows Security screen
  12. Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys: Rotate the screen

Windows 8 Accessibility Shortcuts

  1. [Windows logo key] + U: open Ease of Access Centre
  2. [Windows logo key] + Enter: Narrator
  3. Left Alt + Left Shift + PrtScrn: High contrast
  4. Left Alt + Left Shift + numLock: Mouse Keys
  5. [Hold Numb Lock for 5 Seconds]: Toggle Keys
  6. [Windows logo key] + [Plus ‘+’Sign]: Start Magnifier and Zoom in
  7. [Windows logo key] + [minus’-‘Sign]: Start magnifier and Zoom out
  8. [Windows logo key] + Escape: Exit Magnifier

Windows 8 Desktop Shortcuts

  1. [Windows logo key] + Left Arrow: Snap active window to the left of the screen
  2. [Windows logo key] + Right Arrow: Snap Active window to the right of the screen
  3. [Windows logo key] + Up Arrow: Maximize window
  4. [Windows logo key] + Down Arrow: minimize Window
  5. [Windows logo key] + M: Minimize all windows

Windows 8 Charms Bar Shortcuts

  1. [Windows logo key] + C: Show the charms Menu/Bar
  2. [Windows logo key] + Q: Search for Apps
  3. [Windows logo key] + W: Search for settings
  4. [Windows logo key] + F: Search for Files
  5. [Windows logo key] + H: Show Share Charm
  6. [Windows logo key] + K: Show device charm
  7. [Windows logo key] + I: Show settings Charm

Windows 8 Semantic Zoom Shortcuts

  1. Ctrl + Mouse Wheel: Semantic zoom in modern UI
  2. Ctrl + Shift + Minus Sign: Zoom out
  3. Ctrl + Shift + Plus Sign: Zoom in


There you have it, 35 of the most important windows 8 Shortcuts that will enable you Easily perform Day-to-Day tasks by using simple Keyboard Keys.

Any shortcut keys I have missed? Please let me know any additions in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading and please share with your friends these awesome windows 8 shortcuts.

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