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the apple imac , great for power work users and gamers

What Mac ? The Ultimate guide to choosing the Right Mac to Buy – Part 1

the apple imac , great for power work users and gamers
Buying the right mac, does not have to be hard

Planning to buy a Mac Computer?

The selection and ultimate decision to buy a computer especially a Mac may be a lengthy tedious process because so many models currently exists while new ones are being released on an yearly basis.

With this article, we explore the important questions and points to consider in order to make the right decision in what Mac Computer is the right one to buy depending on your user needs and intended use of the mac.

2 Most Important Questions to ask yourself Before Buying a Mac


1. What Type of User are you?

The type of Mac you will ultimately choose to buy depends on what type of user you are, or the intended use of the mac computer. Three major types of users exists

  • Regular Users: These are the normal computer users who spend most of their times doing normal computing activities such as watching movies, browsing, downloading, sending emails, listening to songs online and basic office activities.
  • For these users, the major points to consider when buying a Mac computer are Portability i.e. the ease of moving around with your computer, the screen size and storage size.


The macbook pro , a powerful and portable mac computer
The macbook pro , a powerful and portable mac computer
  • Power Work Users: These are the type of users who use their Mac computers for resource heavy work. These include programmers, graphic editors and designers, video editing work and other resource intensive work.
  • The major points to consider for these types of users are: A high-end powerful computer and a large screen size preferably 15 – 17 inch. Storage may also be a factor.


  • Power Gamers: People who buy mac computers primarily for gaming activities do fall into this category.  Games, too are resource intensive on the computer and the major points for consideration are: A high end powerful computer, latest graphics card and a large storage capability and ability to run cross- platform games on their mac such as windows games.


2. Do you intend for the Mac to be your primary Computer?

This is one of those considerations that may come out as not necessary, but at the end of the day it does count.

If the mac computer you want to purchase will be your primary computer then you should settle for a portable MacBook or MacBook air type. This is important because as you travel or move, you won’t have any problems taking your computer along.

The reverse is true, if your mac computer wont be your primary computer, you are better of with a iMac desktop computer.

Final Thoughts

Having answered the above two important questions, you will be more than half way into making the very important decision on the best type of mac computer to buy.

In the next article Part 2: We will look at the various mac computer models that exists in relation to the different categories of users, and finally look at the best places one can buy  a mac computer.


What Mac ? The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Mac to Buy –  Part 2

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